Creating an Opt-In Funnel

Using Aweber and Leadpages

In this class you will learn how to use Aweber and Leadpages to create an opt-in funnel that will help strangers become subscribers on your blog or website.

We are going to be covering:

  • How to connect Aweber and Leadpages
  • How to create a new list and form in Aweber
  • How to create landing pages with Leadpages
  • How to make sure all of the pages and lists are connected properly
  • How to upload and deliver your opt-in offer.

Make sure to have an Aweber and Leadpages account!

Your Instructor

Megan Dougherty
Megan Dougherty

Technology is a MASSIVE stumbling block for new online entrepreneurs - lots of coaches and programs don't really get into the tech nitty-gritty (which is fair - it's beyond the scope of most trainings!), but I've learned from more than 6 years of working with the newest of the new entrepreneurs that YOU CAN DO IT. Sometimes you just need the right instruction, and the right time. That's what Newbie Academy is here for.

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